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  • Do I need a check valve?

    Only if you want one. The pump has no check valve so the line can drain and prevent problems with freezing. There is no problem with adding a check valve, but you will want to make sure the line drains if you have freezing weather. If the line freezes and the pump runs, it can over pressurize the system.
  • What maintenance schedule do you recommend?

    Every 3-6 months we recommend wiping down the surface of your solar panels, more often if you're in a dusty area. Every 1 year we recommend replacing the helical pumping mechanism if flow rates show any decrease. We include a spare pumping mechanism for free for this purpose. Though you're in charge of making sure you don't lose it! If you'd like to get a little more efficiency out of your panels, you can read on our mounting page how to adjust the angle of your panels to maximize output based on the season and latitude.
  • What is the Warranty?

    We guarantee 85% power output of solar cells after 25 years. Plus, we offer the most comprehensive 3 Year Warranty on all our solar well pumps for added peace of mind. (yes, longer than the iPhone warranty) We believe in our products and our limited liability warranty is to protect your investment from manufacturer defects. If there are any issues with our product during the first 3 years, please contact us for an immediate replacement. Like most pumps, the impeller/pumping mechanism is the part that sees the most wear and tear and this can be replaced easily in the field with a screwdriver. (spare included free!) We also keep many spare parts in stock and will ship them out immediately. More on our 3 Year Warranty here.
  • Who will service my pump? Parts?

    The first thing you'll do is call our friendly engineers if you have any issues at all. 99% of the time we can troubleshoot over the phone and fix the problem. In the off chance that the pump needs a new part that isn't an impeller, we'll mail it out ASAP (free if under 3 year warranty) Most of our customers swap out these parts themselves as the pumps disassemble easily. With that said, it's only rare cases that our systems have had issues and almost all of them have been from running the pumps dry. We include a backup impeller in the kit (the only 'wear' part in the pump) so you can get pumping again quickly. We recommend leaving this on site somewhere so you don't lose it! :)
  • How long do your systems last?

    Our well pump systems are designed for harsh environments - for years and years of reliable operation. The motors are brushless and rated for many tens of thousands of hours of operation. That's hundreds of thousands of gallons of water pumped! The pumping mechanism is the only 'wear part' and is rated to last 5+ years without replacement. Plus, all of our solar well pumps have a two year warranty. If anything happens within 3 years, we will immediately send out replacement parts.
  • How can I shut the pump off when the water storage tank is full?

    All of our controllers come with a tank high shutoff input and float switch. Simply install the float in the tank or water trough and when the water reaches and lifts the float, the system will automatically shut off. Once the water level drops, the system will turn back on and begin filling the tank.
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  • Can I install myself?

    Yes! 90% of our customers install themselves. Installation takes less than a day with our detailed installation guide and no experience is necessary. The record is under an hour, but most people take 2-3 hours.
  • Can I run the pump on AC power at night?

    Yes. You can use an AC to DC power converter to run off of main power during the night and feed into a controller with battery backup. 
  • How does solar compare to ‘grid-tied’ pumps?

    AC pumps are very similar to solar pumps, but are not optimized for efficiency. They are usually oversized, so they only pump for a few minutes per day, jolting on and off. With a solar pump, it is best to pump at lower flow rates through the entire day, so most solar energy can be used.
  • Can I use existing pipe and plumbing with the pump?

    Yes. All Cheers submersible pumps have female pipe threads, so you just need the correct fitting for your pipe size, available at all hardware stores.
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  • What is the connection on the pump itself?

    The Pump has a female pipe thread so you'll need a coupling with a male pipe thread to be compatible. If you're using poly pipe we recommend a barbed end to connect to the poly pipe with a couple high quality hose clamps. There are eyelets to attach a rope as well so you won't have to worry about losing your pump down the well.
  • What is the best way to mount the solar panels?

    There are a few different styles of mounting and the best options vary customer to customer based on the installation site. If you have a sun facing roof or wall on a nearby building, the Wall Mounts and Roof Mounts are popular. Some customers use aluminum mounts on the ground, on a stack of free pallets, or on a pole. 
  • Where should I locate my Solar Panels?

    Ideally within 50 feet of the well so there isn't a huge voltage drop over the distance. The ideal sites are in full sun all day without shadows. You'll want the panels to face the sun. The optimal 'Tilt' angle of the panels is based on your latitude. 
  • What type of motor do Cheers pumps use?

    Our pumps use brushless DC motors. We prefer these motors compared to their brushed counterparts, since you never have to replace carbon brushes! They are maintenance free and are rated for many years of operation.
    The max speed of the motor is 3000rpm, to make it long lifetime, it’s much more safe compare to higher speed motor.
  • How much water do I need for my house?

    Normally between 300 to 800 liters per day, per person, it depends on your water usage. That includes cooking, cleaning, showing, washer, etc. 
    For a vegetable garden, count on 40 liters per day for each square meter or 1 gallon per day for each square foot. 
    We recommend choosing a pump based on 6-8 hours of sunlight. 




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