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more than 600 employees;


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Cheers pump designs and produces solar water pumps for people that appreciate quality and value. From 2015 Cheers solar pump became the #1 DIY solar well pump kits in Australia and USA. Thanks to customers all over the world! Most of our customers come from word-of-mouth, a result of treating customers with respect.

our mission has been to make solar water pumping systems simple and affordable to install, without sacrificing reliability and quality. Our passion for solar water pumps is always supported. 


      220V AC Pump       3/4hp      Cheers Solar Pump Kit    (with solar panels)

Cost of system








Cost of electricity per gallon


Total cost after 1 year (or 200,000 gallons at ~500 gallons/day)


Total cost after 5 years


Solar Pumps versus Windmills and AC Pumps

With a CHEERS Solar Pump, you'll save over $1,900 in 5 years compared to an AC PUMP!

Client Reviews

"We are so pleased with the quality of your solar water pump kit and ease at which everything can be hooked up. Goodbye windmill and gas generator."

Kym, Summer 2010

" Oh Tracy,Who is the champion?You are!
Thank you so much for all your best service and quality pumps, you will be our single supplier of solar water pumps in the future.”

Boyd Dainton, Spring 2013

" I have a great supplier at Cheers Pumps who are very good on quick service, prices and excellent if any warranty questions, it feels like family, Lovely people and a pleasure to do business with them."

Noel Dovecot, Winter 2015

"Cows and lamps have water and are happy now, so I am happy too!Thanks for your lovely pumps, I with you are happy too!"

Peter De Martin, Spring 2018

24/7 Pump running
With CHEERS pump Kits if the sun isn't shining, you can power the pump with batteries or a DC power supply.

Best Efficiency and lowest Cost .
Best 'Cost-to-Gallons Per Day' ratio in the pump industry!
Compared to grid-tied counterparts, CHEERS pump kits have the fastest payback period of any pump in the world.

MPPT Charge Controller
The CHEERS pump kit doubles as a solar charge controller for a battery bank. Some customers like to have battery backup , you'll be able to keep them topped off automatically!
100% money-back in 30days and 3 years warranty!

Longest Lifetime
Our brushless pump technology means long term maintenance free water pumps.
We insist on DC brushless pumps to avoid more replacements and repair costs in the future.

Email Support
We really love our company and products solar pumps .
We're friendly.
Though with such reliable solar pumps, we may never hear from you again! :)
If you need any help, Email us anytime.
Our technical support email : ,
Mr. Tony.

What is a Solar Water Pump?

Solar Water Pumps are made to pump water by the green solar energy, it moves amounts of water to storage tanks or irrigation directly .
Solar water pumping systems are very popular now, most people use pump by solar instead of ac powered pump, it is much more easy for off-grid home water supply, move water from borehole for livestock, the water flow rate can be from 1 gallon per minute to hundreds .
For rural areas that are not out of the main electricity grid, solar pumping systems offer a clean and simple alternative to windmills and fuel generators.
They require very little maintenance and future costs, no fuel deliveries, save your money.

Solar water pumping systems consisting of three main components:
1. Solar panels which provide the DC power can be installed almost anywhere, but it should face to the sun. If you install the solar pumping system on a farm, the solar panels and pump controller should be installed on a strong long pole and fenced off, to keep them out of the range of animals, as animals can cause damage to the system.

2. A MPPT controller which controls the whole system, regulates the functions of the pump and responds to inputs from sensors such as low water level in the borehole or tank full.

3. A pump unit which is actually a pump coupled to a brushless DC motor.
Depending on type, these units can be placed above ground or submerged in a bore creek or dam.
There are two main types of solar pumps:
1. Surface pumps will be installed above ground and move water through pipelines.
Surface pumps are commonly found on farms or large irrigation systems where water needs to be moved from a river or other body to fields or landscaping.
Surface pumps are limited by the distance they can lift water to the pump. 8m is about the maximum suction lift. Uses include pressure, delivery, and booster pumps. Delivery pumps move water from one location to another. Some pumps handle high water pressures but most are intended for moving moderate volumes of water at low pressures. An example of this type of pumping would be on a farm where water needs to be moved from a cistern or dam to water tanks on the farm. Another typical application’ of a delivery pump is supplying water to an RV or camping trailer.

2. Submersible solar powered water pumps are installed underwater in the boreholes, deep wells, rivers, ponds, but the solar panels are connected above ground. Submersible pumps are used to move water from inside wells to the surface. Submersible pumps are primarily used for pumping from bores but can also be used for pumping from rivers or dams. Bore pumps fit inside the bore casing in a drilled hole. Some older bores drilled for windmills were fitted with a 4″ cast iron casing and only 3″solar submersible pumps will fit. Most modern bores are fitted with 150mm or larger PVC casings.

Pump Application:

Home pumps

Pool pumps

Transfer pumps
Circulation pumps in ponds
Providing water for livestock
Irrigation pumps
Fountain pumps